Stem Cell Lies

I am a closet fan of Payton Manning (I’m a Patriots fan) and any article that has him in the headlines is going to grab my attention:

Star quarterback Peyton Manning travelled to Europe for controversial stem-cell therapy on ailing neck

The only controversial stem-cell treatment would be if he had used embryonic stem-cells. Opening the article this is their explanation:

“Fox Sports reported Sunday that the four-time NFL MVP had boarded a private jet for Europe to receive stem-cell therapy, a procedure not approved in the U.S.


Reporter Jay Glazer said the procedure involved taking fat cells from Manning’s body and growing them in a culture.”

The problem here is that the author states that the procedure is not allowed in the States but juxtaposes that with the statement that “stem-cell therapy” is not allowed in the States. Are all stem-cell therapies not allowed?


Just embryonic stem-cell research is resisted by a majority of Americans and Payton did not have that treatment. Either the author of this article is not educated on the issue (which is probable) or wants to paint those who oppose embryonic stem-cell research as against all forms of stem-cell research (which is more likely).

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