Han Shot First Theological Fallacy

It is now an infamous moment in any Star Wars fan mind. In 1997 Star Wars was rereleased to the big screen with new scenes, polished (some never seen) which promised a new but familiar experience. I don’t think George Lucas expected the outrage over just one scene:

In the new addition of Star Wars, Greedo (the green guy) shoots first and Han Solo fires the killing shot almost immediately after him. The problem? In the original edition Han shot first while Greedo did not shoot at all:

George Lucas explained the changes were justified because he wanted children to understand that Han had no choice but to shoot Greedo. It was self defense and not an act of Han Solo being…Han Solo. How Greedo could have missed at point blank range? (Waves hand) Forgetta ’bout it!

I recently was involved in a discussion with someone who claimed their theological system of dealing with salvation (soteriology) was the original soteriology of the apostles. In response I typed “Han Shot First.” They knew the reference but did not understand my point in using it. I explained what I have now dubbed the Han Shot First Theological Fallacy (HSFTF):

“falsely stating your theological belief was first when its origins are much later then you ascribe to them.”

The person I was having a discussion with enjoyed my reference and understood it for the most part. The Force was strong with him. So I give you this gift to use freely in your theological discussions. Because, let’s face it, most of the people you might argue theology with are theological nerds as well as regular nerds.


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