Some Thoughts on Tim Tebow

I am a Patriots fan but even I can admit that I’m rooting for the Denver Broncos. It’s hard not to. What Tim Tebow has done for the team is nothing short of extraordinary. He might not play defense but he’s sparked something in them that woke them all up. He also might not play offense that well but you try being compared to John Elway your first pro-football game and see how you fare.

Amongst my Christian friends there seems to be a mixed reaction, if Facebook/Twitter are any indication anyway. Some feel like he is to over-the-top with his faith. He makes the faith look silly, stereotypical and are just waiting for the ship to crash into another, what they think is inevitable, Christian hero failure. Others feel like God is using Tebow and that this is a great opportunity. The media is even worse. They don’t know what to do with him. He’s a right-wing hack according to some lady on MSNBC. He’s just an honest, down-to-earth faithful believer according to a CNN blog.

There’s just something about Tebow!

I am somewhere in-between on this but I will say I’m probably on the bandwagon (so I guess I’m not really in-between but whatever).  However, Rick Warren captured my feelings exactly with the following tweet:

“Of ALL the attitudes on display at NFL games,the last people should by bothered by is a guy kneeling to thank God.”



2 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Tim Tebow

  1. I am definitely a Tebow fan too. I am pretty much on the bandwagon. I will say though that yes, sometimes his message feels a bit forced. In one interview he did one of the worst, make your skin crawl Jesus jukes ever, lol. But hey, you know what? He’s getting the message out and I think the more he does it the more people appreciate it and don’t jump back anymore. He may very well make saying “Jesus Christ” in any context in a public forum okay (for him anyway). For that, I”m all about some Tebow!

  2. How bout those Broncos Sunday night, eh?

    Tebow wasn’t looking too bad either! Love it!!! Go Broncos! And Go Jesus!!!!!

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