Ode to Joy! (A Farewell to the David Crowder*Band)

In 2002 I was working at a Christian bookstore in Massachusetts. One night my boss came out and handed me a CD entitled “Can You Hear Us” and told me to listen because I would like it. After work that night as I drove home I put in the album and the first song, I Need Words (more on this song later) came on and I was intrigued. This guy, David Crowder, voice was interesting, the lyrics were actually really profound and the electronics mixed with regular instruments was not something I was used to hearing in a “worship” album. I devoured that album from this new group calling themselves the David Crowder*Band (DC*B). And so did a lot of people.

DC*B music has been the soundtrack of my spiritual life since I was a senior in High School in 2002. I listened to them in Bible school from 2002-2006. I listened to them in Seminary from 2006-2009. I listened to them as their last album came out today (January 10, 2012). Whenever I’ve become frustrated with much of the modern worship scene for its weak theology or overly romantic lyrics I could always turn back to DC*B. It was always fresh. It was always real. It was never overly sappy and I never felt like Jesus was my boyfriend. He was the God of Wrath. He was the God of Love.

I could not help reminisce through the many different spiritual seasons I went through and how DC*B music played through all of them. I’d like to share some of them with you now and if you want, I’d love to hear yours!

I Need Words– The first song I ever heard from DC*B and easily one of my favorites. It is a short song (2:02) about how when we worship God we need larger words. How can we describe how great he is? One day I was talking with a pastor I was working for about this song for over two hours! Afterwords Pastor Jeff looked at me and said, “you do realize we just spent all that time talking about a song saying we need words, right?” We both laughed! Sadly, Jeff passed away in a tragic accident and every time I hear that song, I remember him.

Make a Joyful Noise/I Will Not Be Silent— “Do you want a revolution? Woot Woot?” In the 90’s Kirk Franklin was my hero. When Crowder did this well-known Kirkism in a concert one day everyone loved it. Spiritual fight songs are awesome and this is a great one, Kirkism and all!

You are my Joy— My senior year of Bible college God was reshaping me through a couple of incredibly difficult situations. I had a falling out with my mentor over going to Seminary. A tough breakup the summer before. A tough school situation which saw teachers assaulting my character. It was all around a rough time. September of 2005 DC*B released “A Collision” and it was epic. The entire album. Then I heard You are my Joy. When all around you fails, have joy. When you are mistreated, have joy. God is your Joy. He is your Joy. He is your JOY! So simple yet, at that moment, incredibly important and stopped me from quitting my senior year. If I had a “lifesong” it would be this one.

I could go on and on and I have not even considered this new album and its hour and a half of music into the equation! But I want to hear from you. What is your favorite DC*B song or moment? How have they helped you?